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Character Study



You need answer the questions for one section only

A. The First Covenant Genesis 11,12

  1. What is the significance of the Tower of Babel. What did God do? What effect did this have? How does this relate to Abraham?
  2. What deal does God make with Abraham? List the parts of the deal. What was Abrahamís obligation? Who gets blessed in the end? Can you imagine how?
  3. What is this escapade in Egypt all about? Why did Abraham do what he did? What might have happened? Was Abraham acting wrongly?


B. A Lot of problems Genesis 13,14

  1. Who is Lot? What was the problem? How did it get resolved? Was it a fair deal? What was the hidden cost for Lot?
  2. What promise does God give to Abraham? What did Abraham do to earn this?
  3. What happened to Lot? How did Abraham react? What was the outcome? Why did Abraham refuse to take gifts from the king of Sodom?


C. Stepping on the Promises Genesis 15,16

  1. Now what does God say? Why is Abraham bothered? How does God answer Abrahamís question about children? About inheritance?
  2. How did Abraham and Sarah attempt to keep the promise? What was the result? What was Sarahís response? What was Godís response?
  3. What is the legacy of Ishmael?


D. The plan for the Nations Genesis 17,18

  1. What does God say? What is new about the promise? What is a nation? What is Godís plan for the nations? Can you imagine a way that this plan could be done?
  2. Is there anything special about Isaac? What does the word "Isaac" mean?
  3. What does Abraham do for Sodom? Why?


E. Wrath and sparing Genesis 19,20

  1. Why does God destroy Sodom? Who were the survivors? How did they escape?
  2. Where does Lot end up? Why did his daughters do what they did?
  3. What did Abraham do? Why? What was the result? Was this a good witness?


F. Family Trials Genesis 21,22

  1. What conflict happened in Abrahamís family? How was it handled? What was the outcome?
  2. What test does God propose to Abraham? How does God word the request? What is God trying to do? Can you see a symbolism in the story that relates it to the New Testament?


G. Passing on the Promise Genesis 23,25

  1. What did Abraham do in order to get a burial place? Why doesnít Abraham just take the land? Do you think there may have been a cultural difference between Abraham and the Hitites?
  2. Whom did Abraham marry? How did he treat these new children? Why did Abraham bother doing this when he already very old?