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Character Study



The material spanning Davidís life is daunting. Limiting your focus to the questions will prevent you from getting overwhelmed.


You need answer the questions for one section only

A. After Godís Own Heart 1 Samuel 13:1-15, 15, 16:1-13

  1. Who was Samuel? Who was Saul? What two things were Saul asked to do? Did Saul obey? What was Godís response to Saul?
  2. Who was David? Why was he missing when Samuel came? What lesson does Samuel learn in regards to choosing people? What did Samuel do for David?


B. Giant Problems 1 Samuel 16:14-23, 17, 18

  1. How does David start out working for the king? What opportunity arises? Why did David take the challenge to fight? What was the result? What role did faith play in Davidís victory?
  2. What was Davidís new job? What problem did this create? What was Davidís greatest danger now?


C. In the Presence of Enemies 1 Samuel 23:14-29, 24, 27, 29, 30

  1. What did Jonathan help David find? How did God rescue David from a close call? How does David spare Saul?
  2. Why did David serve his enemies in Ziklag? What was David really doing? What was David almost asked to do?
  3. What happened while David was away from Ziklag? What were the men ready to do to David? What did David find at that moment? What did this lead David to do?


D. Establishing the kingdom 2 Samuel 1:1-15, 2, 3, 6

  1. Who tells David of Saulís death? How did David treat him?
  2. Who contended with David for kingship of Israel? How did David respond? How was this different from his response to Saul?
  3. Why did Abner say he would go over to Davidís side? Was this the only reason? What does Abner say about David? What happens to Abner? What does David do about this?
  4. How does David


F. That Bathsheba Thing 2 Samuel 11, 12 13, 15:1-12

  1. What started Davidís interest in Bathsheba? How did he try to cover up his actions? What was the result for Bathshebaís husband?
  2. How does God rebuke David? What was the prophecy about Davidís family?
  3. What happened to Tamar? What did Absolom do? What did Absolom eventually do to his father David?


F. Keeping the Kingdom 2 Samuel 15:12-37, 16:5-23, 17, 19 1 Kings 1, 2:1-12

  1. What does David do when attacked by his son? How does he take criticism? How does God protect David?
  2. How does David respond to Absolomís death? Was Joab right in his rebuke?
  3. What almost happened with regard to Solomonís kingdom? How was this averted? What were Davidís last requests to Solomon?