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Character Study



You need answer the questions for one section only

A. Family Fraud Genesis 25,27

  1. What were the circumstances of Jacobís birth? What personality did Jacob have compared to his brother? What did Jacob get Esau to sell?
  2. Which parent loved Jacob the most? What did this parent get Jacob to do? How was it done?
  3. What was the blessing given to Jacob? What about his brother? How did his brother respond? How would Jacob respond?


B. On the Road Again Genesis 28,29

  1. Where would Jacob go? What was his plan? What happened on the way? Do Godís words sound familiar? What was the promise to Jacob?
  2. Who was Rachel? How did Jacob get aquatinted with her? What deal did Jacob agree to? Did he get what he was expecting?


C. A Beating by the Competition Genesis 30,31

  1. Was Jacobís a competitive household? Was Jacob competitive at work? Whatís the deal with the striped poles? Was Jacob successful?
  2. How did Jacobís success go over? What was Labanís perspective? What was Jacobís? How did Jacob leave?


D. Brotherly Love Genesis 32,33

  1. What was Jacobís concern as he returned? How did he deal with his fear? What happened on the way this time? What was the nature of this encounter? What things changed as a result?
  2. What is Jacobís tone toward his brother? Was it sincere? How did things work out?


E. Sex and Violence Genesis 34,35

  1. Who was Dinah? What happened to her? What was Jacobís perspective of the situation? What was Shechemís? What was untenable about Shechemís request?
  2. How did Jacobís sons handle the situation? Was there deception involved? Was this the best solution?
  3. What does Jacob direct his family to do? What happens on the way? Does the name given to Jacob stick?


F. Going to Goshen Genesis 37,45 (start at vs. 3)

  1. How did Jacob feel about Joseph? How did he show it? How did Josephís brothers feel about him? What did they do? What did they tell their father?
  2. What happened with Joseph? How did he treat his brothers?
  3. Where did Jacob move to? What was Godís promise on the way?