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List of Naval Schools

School Dates Location Standing
Recruit Training (Boot Camp) Sep84-Nov84 San Diego, CA 1 of 50
Basic Electricity and Electronics Nov84-Jan85 San Diego, CA Outstanding
Data Systems Technician "A" School Jan85-Jun85 Vallejo, CA 1 of 25
Data Systems Technician "C" School Jul85-Jun86 Key West, FL 2 of 10
Xerox 1048 Maintenance Jun87-Jul87 San Diego, CA N/A

pipeline processing, digital to analog conversion, logic design and Boolean minimization, control logic, machine language decoding, volatile and non-volatile memory, writing assembly and machine code to test computer, extensive troubleshooting in all areas of computer architecture using real defects, protocols between computers and peripherals, data encoding methods and formats, use of digital and analog test equipment.

Equipment dealt with in Schools: